Free Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching video course (200-125) (days 1-10)

As I said in a previous article, continuous learning and development in my field is a key factor on the path to prosperity.

Any administrator must constantly learn and learn something new. As they say, firstly – it’s beautiful. And secondly, which is important, increases the price tag of a specialist in the labor market.

Today, the Internet has all the necessary information, free or paid, it doesn’t matter.

In addition, many professionals like to share knowledge, for the simple reason that it allows them to understand how well they understand the subject area.

For begining – the course of network administration of Cisco Certified Network Associate v3.0, by the way, the current version until February 23, 2020.

So there is every chance to be in time to hand over. Proof – https: //

Briefly about the course author, get to know Imran Rafay – CCIE, a good son and just a wonderful person who helped thousands of people around the world pass the 200-125 CCNA exam

By the way, what I like about indian courses is that even the simplest things are chewed and laid out on shelves, so that anyone can understand.

Imran really has one minus, he uploads the video quite rarely, and it took him about five years to record the course. At the same time, the course is not completed until the end, however, it is already enough to pass the exam. Well, at least you can learn how to google 🙂

Ah, yes, the course is in English. In Hindu English 🙂

I share a life hack, if you have a bad English, look with English subtitles, if it’s really bad, do auto-translate captions. By the way, not all videos have automatic subtitles. In a couple of videos I’ve added English subtitles, they can be used. If anyone has a desire – you can finish on the rest of the vids.

Also, guys from the Ukrainian company are translating all the information from the clips in text format on the Habr.

You can watch here

As new clips come out, I’ll add it on site.

I’ll post vids on the page in batches of 10 days so as not to overload pages.

Day 01: Network Fundamentals

Day 02: OSI model and TCP/IP model

Day 03. AM: IP Address version 4 (IPv4)

Day 03. PM: Subnetting

Day 03. LN: Supernetting 

Day 4: Inter-Networking Devices

Day 5: Connecting to Cisco Devices

Day 6: Filling The Gaps

Day 7: F.A.Q

Day 8: Welcome to Switching

Day 9: Real World Switching

Day 10: Port Modes and Functions

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